Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I work with Print Directions instead of directly with a printer’s rep?

• Print Directions works for you and represents you to the printer.

• We get you competing estimates from a number of printers.

• We save you valuable time because you avoid meetings with various printing reps.

• We negotiate your project with the printing companies to get the best pricing.

• We match your project to the printer with the right equipment.

We serve as your print buyer.

Won’t I get the best prices if I have one printer do all my work?

Not necessarily. We represent several printers so we offer you the full range of prices, press sizes and services. Every project has specific requirements and to be cost effective the equipment must fit the job.

Simple illustration: Let’s say you need 10,000, 4 x 4-inch cards. Your printer, Printer A, can only print on 8.5 x 11 inch paper so you can only get four out of a sheet. This would waste over 30% of the paper stock. One of Print Directions’ printers, Printer B, can print on slightly larger, 9 x 12 inch, paper and get six out of a sheet with only 11% waste. The real savings however, is in the total number of sheets. Printer A uses 2,500 sheets and while Printer B only uses 1,667 sheets. This overly simplified example does not even calculate the one third less press time needed.

So yes, your printer could do the job, but not have the most cost effective or “best” price!

Doesn’t your service cost more than working directly with a printer’s rep?

No. Most printing reps are on commission, so the more the job bills for the more they make. The printing company also has the overhead cost of benefits and expenses for each rep.

Print Directions works directly with the owners of each printing company. We negotiate broker pricing based on eliminating the expense of a sales rep and the volume of work we represent. Plus we are not limited to one company’s capabilities, so we avoid costly waste by matching your project to the right printer.

How can Print Directions get better pricing than we do?

By dealing directly with printing company owners we eliminate the expenses associated with the print rep. This savings alone is often more than the profit margin we operate on. We also have a large client base, so printers give us volume discounts. It’s an incentive to get more of our business.

Do you always have the lowest prices?

No. Do we always have the best prices? Yes! We match each project to the printer that fills your needs. So if you need a million pieces you know will get thrown away or you want a corporate brochure that impresses the board we’ll find the right fit. There will always be someone cheaper. There will always be places that take work at cost just to keep the doors open. And there will always be the places that low-ball to get in and add huge alteration fees or charges for overruns. So the bottom line is, we’re not always going to be the least expensive source but we will always provide you with the best sources.

What are the advantages to using Print Directions?

• We give you more time to focus on marketing and growing your business.

• We obtaining multiple quotes from three or more vendors

• We do all of the legwork for you

• We can handle all of your proofing

• We attend all your press checks

• We monitor your deadlines and production costs.

• Our only focus is your project

What if I need some marketing concepts but I’m not sure which way to go?

Print Directions can point you in the right direction. Our resources include:

• Graphic Design Firms.

• Web Site Designers

• Mailing Service Providers

• Copy Writers

• Sign Companies

• Specialty Advertising Companies

• Marketing Firms

When you’re not sure which direction to go, turn to Print Directions.